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PVC Film Fill

Film Fills are the most efficient filling media available for cooling towers. The usage of film fills – in both counterflow and crossflow cooling towers allows relatively smaller sized towers to cool an equivalent amount of water compared to cooling towers using splash fills. This results in the saving of not only capital costs for a new tower but also reduces operational costs on account of lower height and hence lower pumping costs.

Film Fills work on the principle of offering heat exchange by spreading the falling water droplets into a thin molecular film where the air can effectively contact the entire surface of the water film to carry away heat and mass.


  • Minimum resistance to air flow

  • Good distribution of water leads to turbulent mixing of air and water to maximize heat transfer.

  • Reduced fill height and greater cooling capacity results in lower power consumption.

  • Erosion and rotting resistant and long lasting (10-12 years of service time in good quality water)

  • Self-supporting, high strength and self-extinguishing characteristics

  • Resistance to weather exposure (fungii/oxidation) ; Nearly impervious to chemical degradation by Alkali, acid, grease, fats, oils and biological attack

  • Easy to glue at site, reduces transportation cost.

Our Product Range

Film Fill Products


CharacteristicsUnitsCD – AWCD-12
Cooling Tower Application Air WasherCounterflow
Flute heightMm812
Longitudinal pitchMm2538
Spiral angle°(degree)11/7928
Spiral angle°(degree)11/7928
Std. Sheet size L x Wmm x mm600×300600×300
Max Recommended Fill Sheet
size L x W
mm x mm600×6002400×600
Surface area per unit volumeM²/m³
Standard Sheet Thicknessmm